Best Time To Get Your Concrete Repaired & Replaced In Chicago

With proper care and maintenance, concrete is the best material to pick for your project due to its longevity.

Concrete has a pretty long lifespan, about 100 years for large concrete structures like buildings and about half of that for sidewalks and driveways which get used daily. By caring for your concrete structures, you can guarantee it will stand the test of time. In this article, we will go over when the best times to repair or replace your concrete.

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Lawson Kerluke
Lawson Kerluke
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Our driveway was fixed by Augustyn Construction while we resided on the northwest side, and a few years later they completed all the necessary tuckpointing. Since then, we have purchased a "fixer-upper" on the southwest side, and after contacting them to come take a look, they ended up handling most of the roofing, concrete, and tuckpointing work. Thank you Peter for your knowledge and diligence. We are truly grateful.
Ken Dryder
Happy Customer
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When we lived on the northwest side, Augustyn Construction fixed our driveway and then a couple years later they did all the tuckpointing that was needed. Since then we bought a "fixer-upper" on the southwest side and we called them to take a look and they wound up doing the majority of the work - roofing, concrete and tuckpointing. Thanks Peter for your expertise and hard work. We really appreciate it!
George Clemmens
Customer Review
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Without a doubt this is a five star masonry company. Peter showed up at the scheduled time for an estimate which turned out to be reasonable and then his crew came out the following week and completed the job on time and did outstanding work. They were great to work with and I recommend them without any reservation.
Mark Zenok
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I'd like to say that working with Peter was a real pleasure. His crew came out and did the work as we discussed and the results were even better than I expected. Professionals who know how to do things right!
Bill Orlander
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Last month was the second time we contracted with Augustyn do some work for us and this time it was repairing our driveway where the concrete needed replacing and some work on our roof. They did the same fine job they did last time when some tuck pointing work was needed and I guess we should have written a review back then. Better late than never. The owner (Peter) is easy to work with and the workers have an excellent work ethic. The cost wasn't bad either.
Phil Marchetti
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Excellent work and nice guys to work with. Peter gave me an estimate that turned out to be very reasonable for repaving my driveway and also for some tuck-pointing. The results turned out really well and I'm glad I found them and hired them.

In Chicago, we are fortunate to experience all four seasons. Although this is great for us, it is not fantastic for concrete. Depending on the season that your concrete is cured in, it can have serious effects on the durability of the concrete.

The best times to get your concrete repaired or poured can be figured out by looking at each season’s temperature, moisture, and freeze/thaw cycles. Let’s first get into why each of these factors is important. 

Temperature– the temperature can play a big role in how concrete cures. When temperatures are too hot, the crystals in the concrete can form too quickly, affecting the strength. Conversely, if the temperature is too cold, the concrete will develop the crystals at a slower rate, but too low temperatures will not allow the concrete to cure at all. 

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Moisture– Water is concrete’s worst enemy. Water can cause major issues in concrete like early deterioration and problems curing.  

Freeze/Thaw Cycles– Again, water is our worst enemy. When it is colder, water will freeze in the concrete. This is particularly bad as the water expands when frozen and can prematurely crack the concrete. When it is warmer, the water will then thaw and will cause excess moisture to infiltrate the concrete. Understanding when these cycles happen is important when picking the best month to repair or replace your concrete. 


When considering these factors, the seasons with the most water are times when you should avoid having work done on your concrete. Of course, sometimes the damage is so severe that immediate work needs to be done, but waiting for the best time of year for minor repairs and maintenance will work in your favor.


The best time to repair or replace your concrete would be during the mild seasons. Due to the predicted weather conditions, March – June or September- November are the ideal times to work on your concrete projects. 

When planning your concrete repair or replacement, you should consider the weather conditions in the area, your budget, and your timeline due to the type and severity of the damage. By planning your repairs around the ideal time, you will get faster and more efficient repairs that can withstand Chicago’s extreme weather conditions.

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